Facts on Holiday Lighting:

  • 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas
  • Christmas Lighting is synonymous with the Holidays
  • Holiday Lighting can draw additional attention to your business
  • Showing Holiday pride can solidify your existing customer relations
  • Customers and potential customers will remember beautiful display's and lighting long after the Holidays

A full page advertisement in a local direct mailer, to 100k homes, sells for more than $2000, depending on the market. Advertising has a 2-5% response rate if your lucky. In contrast, with Holiday Traditions, you have more than 30 days of your entire building acting as a giant billboard. 96% of the people who pass your location will relate to your Holiday display, and will visibly notice where you are and what you do. The value of Holiday Lighting is far more effective than any other form of advertising!

What our Commercial Customers say about our services:

"We opened our new funeral home in Florissant in January of 1995. After a few hectic years I got an itch to do something to the building for the holidays. We decorated the interior but I wanted to show a holiday spirit on the exterior. We needed Christmas Lights. I knew exactly what I wanted, an elegant perimeter of the roof. Simple and elegant. Rob Smith, who I knew from the Florissant Jaycees, sent me a flier and I was intrigued. I knew what I wanted to do but just did not have the resources. Rob gave me a bid and I still procrastinated for 2 years. Finally I decided to take the plunge and haven’t looked back since."

"This service was just what I needed. Rob knew the product, did the installation and it was perfect. He notifies me in September about the annual fee and an installation date. I send him a check and in November the lights are up. He maintains the lights, if one is out I call him and he replaces it. At the end of the season he comes and takes the lights down. Best of all he stores them for the next year."

"This will be our 4th season with Holiday Traditions and I couldn’t be happier."

Steve Stygar
Stygar Family of Funeral Services.

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