How Holiday Traditions is Different than the rest:

Holiday Traditions Provides everything (except the gifts) to let you enjoy the Holidays without the hassle of Christmas Lighting!

Purchase our lighting :

Purchasing your lights from Holiday Traditions is the best option for several reasons. Many Companies will only lease you their lights in an effort to keep all the lighting for themselves, leaving you with nothing more than the bill. Holiday Traditions will sell you our Commercial Grade custom cut lighting, complete with a Lifetime Guarantee as long as you use us. After the first year pricing (which is more than the second year pricing due to initial setup and cost of lights), our purchase package is usually more affordable than leasing from other companies, plus you Own the lights! We can still store your lights as an option, and again you will never have to buy another bulb from us to fix any of your lighting as long as you continue to use us. You can even add lights yearly and come out far better than many leasing options.

We apologize but Holiday Traditions does not do any of the following:

Pest control, mole hunting, lawn mowing, construction and remodeling, or any other type of business. All the pictures on our website are of our own work, not a cookie cutter picture from a corporate franchise office. Most companies add Christmas lighting to their business as an after thought, or a sideline business to keep their employees working in the winter months. Buying a franchsise or a license will not make a company knowledgable about Holiday Lighting! Holiday Traditions believes that Christmas lighting is a speciality and cannot truly be done by a company who's main focus is not Holiday Lighting. That is why we spend all year planning and learning about the newest techniques and products on the market. Holiday Traditions is the only Company in the St. Louis Metro area committed to specializing in Holiday Lighting only. Would you visit a massage therapist for a root canal? Then why use a company who doesn't have the skill, knowledge and expertise when they are applying 100's or possibly 1000's of watts and or lights to your most valuable investment, your home? Call today to experience the difference!

Trust a local company who does not have to answer to a franchise office, but only answers to you, our customers!

Holiday Traditions also truly believes in the Spirit of Christmas. That's why we donate 5% of our net profits each year to the "Toys For Tots" campaign. Thank you to all our customers who helped us donate over $2000.00 in 2006!

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